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ResilientKids is now called Center for Resilience.

Growing demand to serve adults as as well as children inspired us to expand.

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Jack Dunn from the Oscar-winning film Spotlight has recently made a generous donation to ResilientKids.

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We believe . . .

. . . that growth and learning take place when people of all ages are connected, confident and focused.
. . . that mindfulness empowers us to handle adversity, manage emotions, and resolve conflicts in a proactive and deliberate way.
. . . that resilience is essential for thriving in school, career, and community.

. . . do you?


Center for Resilience seeks to empower people to empower themselves through the practice of mindfulness which fosters success in the classroom, community and workplace.

Our trained staff, tailored curriculum, interactive workshops, and online resources help children and adults manage stress, overcome obstacles, cultivate compassion and thrive through adversity – outcomes that benefit both the individual and society as a whole.


Our vision is one of resilience.

We work in partnership to create a self-sustaining culture of fortitude in school, career, and life.

We envision communities where all people live lives of strength, purpose and compassion.

We inspire success one moment at a time.