Gigi DiBello

We at Center For Resilience were honored to have Gigi DiBello, head of Sophia Academy in Providence, speak at our annual fundraiser in October of 2017. Gigi lives resilience in a truly authentic way in every facet of her life. The following story is an abbreviated version of her remarks last fall. My first [...]

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Rose Quigley Molina

Part Two: “Someone believed in me.” By: Jennifer Jordan This is Part Two of a three-part series about Rose Quigley Molina, a lead social worker for Providence Public Schools and co-founder of Social Sparks, a social-emotional learning center in Lincoln, RI for children with learning differences. Resilience has been at the core of Rose’s life [...]

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Katherine Chu

Perfectionism’s a liar -- You are enough By: Jennifer Jordan I didn’t drink in high school. My first experience with underage drinking was the summer of 2003 – vodka and orange juice downed amidst the thrill of high school behind us, college ahead. I was a perfectionist growing up. I wanted all As, and I [...]

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Imani Gonzalez

"Practicing mindfulness to reduce stress" By: Sophie Sandweiss Imani Gonzalez juggles long school days, a 30-hour-per-week job, and athletics - a lot for any student, let alone a high school junior who is worried about getting into college. Imani, however, has an advantage – tools to help her manage the stress. A longtime student of [...]

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Kris Bradner

Seeking center in the business world By: Vanessa Weiner and Jennifer Jordan   Kris Bradner is no stranger to seeking balance in her busy life. As an entrepreneur, Kris has worked with her team to keep the company culture healthy and run the business efficiently. These are no small tasks, especially when combined with her other priorities:  rearing her children, pursuing passions, making time to exercise, and trying [...]

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Jim Scanlan

“You can thrive after adversity.” By: Jennifer Jordan Jim, a successful financial planner who raised his family in North Kingstown, grew up in Quincy, Mass. and attended Boston College High School, a Catholic all-boys school, in the 1970s. There, like so many students, Jim was sexually abused by a priest he and his family trusted. [...]

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