What is EQ?

Picture a time when you were listening to someone rant about their hectic and stressful day… did your mind wander? Did the person you were talking to ask you about the blank stare on your face? It’s that same blank stare that you may recognize from a time when you're sharing something important and the [...]

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Perspective-Taking By: Vanessa Weiner and Sophie Sandweiss This is one of my favorite times in the cycle of our year-long curriculum. We are deep into the chapter on Social Awareness and Relationship Skills, which strengthens the community we strive to create, and gives context to the first half of the year spent developing self-awareness and [...]

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Are you perfect?

"Are you perfect?" When you think of February, what comes to mind – chocolate and Valentine’s Day?  We conjured up all these images during our Mission: Mindfulness session last month that focused on practices around building compassion. When we talk about compassion, we talk about what it means to be more understanding and less judgmental [...]

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Was there mindfulness at the Olympics?

Was there mindfulness at the Olympics? By: Vanessa CL Weiner Remember back to high school when you had to do a team project and there was always that one person who didn’t pull their weight? Working as a team requires communicating, innovating, showing dedication to the process, perspective-taking and persevering. Once called “soft skills,” these [...]

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Intentions over Resolutions

"Intentions over Resolutions" We have all started years with grand plans and promises. These resolutions can bring a sense of purpose and a promise of happiness… for about 2 weeks, until they dissolve into guilt for eating that cookie, taking advantage of that huge sale, or not cleaning the house before bed. Research shows that [...]

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Stress and anxiety are on the rise…

Stress and anxiety seem to be on the rise, especially for students. In 2014, the American Psychological Association reported that our nation’s teens are more stressed than adults during the school year, an indication that unhealthy behaviors connected to stress may start early. In a second study two years later, Coping with Change, not only [...]

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