Intentions over Resolutions

"Intentions over Resolutions" We have all started years with grand plans and promises. These resolutions can bring a sense of purpose and a promise of happiness… for about 2 weeks, until they dissolve into guilt for eating that cookie, taking advantage of that huge sale, or not cleaning the house before bed. Research shows that [...]

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Stress and anxiety are on the rise…

Stress and anxiety seem to be on the rise, especially for students. In 2014, the American Psychological Association reported that our nation’s teens are more stressed than adults during the school year, an indication that unhealthy behaviors connected to stress may start early. In a second study two years later, Coping with Change, not only [...]

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The Intention of Mindfulness

At times, mindfulness is inaccurately portrayed in the media, either trumpeted as a homeopathic cure-all or criticized as nothing more than a fad. Lately, we’ve seen mindfulness labeled as a selfish practice, grouped with other indulgences such as days at the spa or luxurious vacations which market themselves as “self-care.” These misconceptions usually refer [...]

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Resilience happens every day—little moments that remind us that we have all overcome some form of disappointment or adversity in order to get to where we are today, and that the ability to bounce back after failure or loss may be our biggest strength. At Center for Resilience, we talk about the power of resilience. [...]

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Got empathy?

Earlier this week, I saw the most heart-warming interaction in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood. A man’s car had died, and he was standing in-between the driver door and the car, trying to push it out of the way of oncoming traffic when a man who appeared to be homeless came running over to help. At the [...]

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