Are you perfect?

"Are you perfect?" When you think of February, what comes to mind – chocolate and Valentine’s Day?  We conjured up all these images during our Mission: Mindfulness session last month that focused on practices around building compassion. When we talk about compassion, we talk about what it means to be more understanding and less judgmental [...]

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Was there mindfulness at the Olympics?

Was there mindfulness at the Olympics? By: Vanessa CL Weiner Remember back to high school when you had to do a team project and there was always that one person who didn’t pull their weight? Working as a team requires communicating, innovating, showing dedication to the process, perspective-taking and persevering. Once called “soft skills,” these [...]

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Resilience happens every day—little moments that remind us that we have all overcome some form of disappointment or adversity in order to get to where we are today, and that the ability to bounce back after failure or loss may be our biggest strength. At Center for Resilience, we talk about the power of resilience. [...]

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Building the world we want to live in, together

Perhaps more than any other time of year, the holiday season invites us all to reflect on all that has transpired throughout the year, plan for what is to come, and share our desire for peace and health with our family, friends and neighbors. Amid all the shopping, parties and, if we are honest, stress, [...]

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Resilience In Action

Innovative conference and reception explore the impact of mindfulness on individuals and our community while raising money for school-based mindfulness programs for high-need students If you peruse the lineup of speakers for the Center for Resilience’s inaugural conference and reception this October, you may be wondering what a licensed psychologist, a Rhode Island police chief, [...]

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Introducing Center for Resilience

Welcome to Center for Resilience, a nonprofit dedicated to introducing and strengthening mindfulness practice in diverse settings – classroom, community and workplace. Our approach helps students become ready to learn and thrive in school, and empowers people of all ages to manage stress, cultivate compassion and expand their capacity for reflection, purpose and balance. Center [...]

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