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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with Center for Resilience.  

We currently have a position open for a part-time school-based instructor.  Do you have a mindfulness practice, experience and passion for working with kids and a desire to plant seeds for life-long learning?  The job description for this position is posted below.  If this sounds like the right fit for you, we welcome your application!

School-Based Instructor


Our school-based instructors work from September to June and are dedicated to classroom facilitation of social and emotional learning through mindfulness-based techniques, as outlined in our ResilientKids curriculum.  


  • Regular and consistent meditation practice
  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Availability to commit to a September to June teaching schedule
  • Experience working with kids
  • Relevant training(s)


  • Teach the ResilientKids curriculum twice weekly per classroom for 32 weeks of the school year at your specifically assigned school(s).
  • Write classroom-specific lesson plans for each session.
  • Collaborate with colleagues.
  • Build relationships with partnering classroom teachers.  

Apply here!

If you have any other talents that you want to share with Center for Resilience, please send an inquiry through the contact form.