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Stories about the lasting, positive impact of our work in the classroom, community and workplace


“I would like to commend the program for it’s quality and for being able to adjust to our needs. The director and teachers were always flexible and amenable to our requests. Good communication helped us keep up with the myriad of changes that are part of an elementary school.”

~ Kathy C., Principal

“Of all the services, programs, and learning opportunities we offer, I feel that our partnership with Center for Resilience is the most beneficial, in that it builds community, as well as life skills.” 

~ Central Falls High School Teacher

“I hear things more clearly and stay on task better.”

~ Joharlyn C., Providence Middle School Student


“It has really allowed me to learn to pause in stressful situations to be able to evaluate with a clear mind. All my relationships personal & professional have benefited from practicing mindfulness.”

~ John R.


“Certainly I’ve never felt better able to deal with life’s ups and downs easier, and I don’t let things drive my stress level.”

– Diane S.


“I think this improves our ability to be productive and focused at work. There’s also obvious health benefits. This was a very nice way for the company to enhance our skill sets and care for its employees.”

~ Ted R.

“The course was so helpful for both stress at work and within my personal life. I was so impressed that in just an hour I could feel so much comfort.  I have recommended it to my entire team.”

~ Ann P.