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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Improve productivity.

Reduce stress.

Increase job satisfaction.

Promote teamwork.


Center for Resilience offers mindfulness-based staff training and employee wellness workshops in large and small groups to facilitate positive outcomes at the office. 

Introduction to Mindfulness

Get a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness, its benefits, and how it works through practice opportunities. Great for large groups curious about how to integrate this work into their setting.

Mindfulness Essentials 1.0 & 2.0

Build a practice of self-care that works for you, understand how to break your patterns of stress, hone your emotional intelligence, and leave feeling better with a concrete plan for maintaining your practice.

C-Suite Leadership Development

Leadership requires focus, clarity, creativity, compassion & courage, not to mention good health. Strengthened through a regular mindfulness practice, leaders can improve the ability be less reactive and more responsive, regulate emotions, empathize, and see situations from multiple perspectives.

Training Intensive

Take a deeper dive in this intensive exploration of a customized approach to personal wellness. Through in-person and online mindfulness facilitation, you’ll develop your own personal practice, learn how to maintain it every day, network with others doing the same, and even share it with those in your community.


Intro to Mindfulness

Mindfulness Essentials 1.0

Mindfulness Essentials 2.0

C-Suite Leadership Development

 Training Intensive


 Lunch & Learn format to build buy-in as well as familiarity with what mindfulness is and how it can be integrated into the workplace.

These courses are designed to introduce various practice opportunities and develop critical workplace skills of self-awareness and self-management.

 A level 2 course for all participants who have taken Mindfulness Essentials 1.0 that focuses on Emotional Intelligence skills and how to bring them to the workplace.

Resilience is an essential skill for today’s leaders to manage the demands of a heavy workload.

For those interested in taking a deeper dive into the field of mindfulness and how to hone their skills both personally and professionally.



Suitable for small or large groups Groups up to 40 people Groups up to 25 people  Groups up to 20 people

Groups up to 75 people, with smaller group breakouts


Contact Hours:

1-2 hours 8 hours  12 hours 12-15 hours  36 hours

In-person Facilitation:

Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes

Online Component:

None Supplemental Materials

Supplemental Materials, Community Building


Supplemental Materials + Support Supplemental Materials + Support, Webinars, Community Building 


We would be delighted to customize a program for your office today. Contact us to get the conversation started.