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Mindfulness During a Lockdown Drill?

According to the Washington Post, over 4 million students experienced lockdown drills last year as a part of their educational experience in American schools.  While these drills are becoming a standard in school safety protocols, we also know that they produce fear and anxiety for many young people.  What can mindfulness practices offer to students…

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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Company’s Mindfulness Partner

You’ll see plenty of articles about selecting the meditation teacher, but what about when it comes to bringing an organization in to implement a workplace program? The workplace mindfulness field is growing— with many organizations now working as mindfulness consultants, partnering with businesses to bring mindfulness trainings and programming, and for good reason: studies show…

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Can We Ski Mindfully?

Snow in March often comes with mixed reviews. Those who know me, know I love the snow; but I did hear a number of moans and groans about last Monday’s storm, particularly that we might forever be stuck in winter. We have a skiing family — well, two skiers and two boarders. My son and…

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