2021 Intentions Challenge

Have you written your New Year’s resolution yet? Rather than making New Year’s resolutions this year, we invite you to create an intention — a carefully crafted and purposeful dedication to how you will BE in 2021, as opposed to what you will DO. 

What is an intention? The Latin root “intentio” means “plan” and “purpose” Setting an intention gives us a practice we can return to throughout the year rather than setting an unrealistic goal without a plan to ensure its success. In turning our attention toward “being” rather than “doing,” and layering in a mindfulness practice, we can set ourselves up for greater success. The practice of mindfulness has a tuning in quality, building self-awareness as a foundation for self-management. The other component of mindfulness that makes this tuning in so powerful is that it invites us all to do this without judgment. 

Often, our New Year’s resolution aims to fix or eliminate something that we deem “bad.” We may want to lose 15 pounds, stop eating dessert, keep the house clean or become a daily journaler. Think about resolutions of years past - we may be tempted to change something we do not like about ourselves (judgment), or adopt a new habit because we “should” be doing more of it (also judgment). 


While we all may want to put 2020 behind us, it was a year that taught us many important lessons. As we reflect on this difficult year, what if we were able to turn our attention toward our resilience rather than our shortcomings? What will we bring with us into this new year? How will we show up for ourselves and others? First and foremost, CFR’s commitment to anti-racism in all that we do is still a priority. As an organization, we intend to continue listening, learning, and showing up fully present, even for difficult conversations and in challenging situations.


Even with a well thought out intention, expect to stray. The practice of mindfulness allows us to return to our intention without judgment and better accept the reality of imperfection. Can we be gentle with ourselves and those around us, remembering how we intend to show up each day, for each other, in each interaction?


We invite you to join us in the new year on Mondays at noon on Facebook Live for 10 minutes of mindfulness. You can also access the recordings of these sessions anytime on our website. We’ll be posting the daily prompts for the week every Sunday right here for you to print out, or you can follow us on social media, where we will post the prompts daily as part of our January #CFRIntentionsChallenge. Stay connected and let us know how it’s going.

Week One Prompts

Week Two Prompts

Week Three Prompts

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