5 Tips for a Mindful Holiday Season

While visiting with family last weekend, my husband pulled out an old holiday card photo of our kids from 2006 and remarked that it doesn’t seem like that picture was taken 13 years ago. The holidays seem to arrive a little more quickly every year, right? 

It seems like just yesterday we were pulling out our sweaters, and now it’s December and the holiday decorations (and snow, for those of us in New England) are piling up! 

With that in mind, our CFR team has gathered the following tips for a mindful holiday season, reminding us to take a moment, slow down, and take it all in.   

  1. Get outside! Whether you take a walk with your four-legged friend, or just bundle up to get from the car to the grocery store, take in each step. Feel your feet on the ground, the socks keeping you warm, and the strength in your legs carrying you where you need to be. 
  2. Hit the pause button. Before you head into that holiday party, busy store, or the large family gathering, stop for a moment and notice one thing you see… feel… hear… and smell…
  3. Eat mindfully. Sometimes the month of December can fly by… slow it down at each meal by starting with one mindful bite. See the bite you’re about to take, take in the smell with a long inhale, chew at least 25 times, and then acknowledge with gratitude all the hands that went into getting this nourishment into your body.
  4. ’Tis the season of light! With the sun going down so early, there are many opportunities to see all the ways light can fill our hearts this holiday. Stop and notice the moon, Christmas trees peeking through living room windows, glowing Hanukkah candles, or even a lit up smile from a passer-by.
  5. Breathe deeply! Before you take that first sip of coffee or tea each morning, stop to smell the aroma and bring to mind one thing that brings a smile to your face.

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