Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for Athletes & Coaches

Athletes and Coaches: Mindfulness Skills for Finding Flow While Staying Home, and Returning to Play
We are beyond excited to offer a session on mindfulness and self-compassion for athletes and coaches facing unprecedented disruptions in your training and competition.
In this FREE session, Amy Saltzman M.D., author of A Still Quiet Place: Mindfulness Skills for Achieving Peak Performance and Finding Flow in Sports and in Life shares practices that will support you during this challenging time, and as you return to the field, the course, the courts, the gym, and the pool.

Some of you may be dealing with anxiety and depression due the abrupt changes in your day to day lives. Others of you simply realize this pause in your hectic athletic life is an ideal time to up your mental/ emotional game and practice skills used by an increasing number of elite and professional athletes. So join us as we learn skills for achieving peak performance and finding flow. And as an added bonus these skills will help you deal with your family as you shelter in place.

As you are coping with abrupt changes in your day-to day lives, you will benefit greatly from learning essential life skills such as:

• Strengthening distress tolerance and emotional resilience

• Learning specific ways of dealing with intense feelings, and distracting or negative thoughts

• Developing the ability to respond rather than react in moments of difficulty

• Creating specific supportive physical, mental and emotional self-care routines

• Appreciating the powerful, transferable skills that you have developed through sport

• Offering support to, and receiving support from your teammates, friends, and community

• Sustaining your love of the game