August 2019: Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating


Ever find yourself staring at an empty plate and wondering where all the food went went? We’ve all been there; with increasingly busy days, meals have become a quick stopover, something we often do while multitasking: watching tv, texting, or making a phone call.
This month, start to make a habit of mindful eating. Pick one meal a day, or maybe even just one thing on your plate at a meal, to allow yourself to really notice and enjoy. Work on slowing the process down and working to taste every bite. It’s sure to make your food taste better and last longer. Plus, it also helps you be more aware of your body signals that tell you when you’re full.


6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating
"when we slow down and eat healthy foods… we often enjoy them more than the story we tell ourselves about healthy foods."

What is Mindful Eating?
"The solution isn’t what you eat, though. It’s how. Enter mindful eating, or mindfulness eating, a food strategy that keeps winning fans because it can help you eat healthier and enjoy your food more. Here's what you need to know."
"You take the first bite. Very yummy! You take the second bite. Still yummy, maybe a little less yummy than the first bite, but never mind. You glance at the computer and something catches your eye...Suddenly you look down. Where did that treat go?"


Headspace Mindful Eating Week-Long Series
"The 30-day Headspace Mindful Eating course is one way to better understand why we eat the way we do and the thoughts that drive our choices. By seeing things more clearly and accepting what previously challenged us, we make room to foster a healthier relationship with food."