Building the World We Want to Live In, Together

Perhaps more than any other time of year, the holiday season invites us all to reflect on all that has transpired throughout the year, plan for what is to come, and share our desire for peace and health with our family, friends and neighbors.

Amid all the shopping, parties and, if we are honest, stress, this season of short days, cold nights and festive lights also invites us to pause, breathe, give thanks and be fully present.

This is the gift of mindfulness, a practice that helps us become more resilient even when – especially when – our lives are at their most hectic. Pause. Breathe. Give thanks. Be fully present.

This holiday season, everyone at Center for Resilience is sending our gratitude to you, for believing in and contributing to our work to create a more resilient world – by cultivating resilience through mindfulness in schools, the workplace and the wider community.

Our present to you is the gift of presence.

So for the five Tuesdays until the end of the year, we will be sharing a mindfulness tip you can use to help reduce stress and increase joy and peace during the holiday season.

We will share these tips on Facebook and Twitter each Tuesday. We want to know how they have helped you become more resilient and full of gratitude as we bring 2016 to a close and ready ourselves for the New Year, so please post and Tweet about your experience as we all seek to be more mindful this holiday season, using @Ctr4Resilience and #MindfulHolidays.

Wishing you all many joys of the season and much resilience in 2017!