30-Day #CFRKindnessChallenge

In a time and in a world where unkind words and actions are so standard and so normalized, it’s more important than ever to incorporate some extra kindness into our lives. As we transition from January’s Intentions Challenge to our 30-Day #CFRKindnessChallenge, we invite you to bring that purposeful presence into the next 30 days as you spread random acts of kindness. We’ve created a calendar with some ideas for random acts of kindness to help you get started, but feel free to break the mold and do what feels good for you!

We define kindness as an action we take towards ourselves or others that brings communities and the world together. Acts of kindness from one person to another affect the person receiving it, as well as everyone who may have witnessed it. That ripple effect makes it likely that all those people will go and “pay it forward.” Kindness has been shown to increase energy, lower blood pressure, lower levels of stress hormones in our bodies, produce serotonin, and even elongate lifespans. It’s important that the kindness we practice is purely giving - if we practice kindness only expecting something in return, we aren’t able to be present in the action as this challenge invites us to do, and we aren’t able to truly be benevolent and gain the joy we feel from extending an act of kindness to someone else.

Kindness is an integral part of our curriculum for both adults and students. Mindfulness invites us to be in touch with how we are feeling and aware of how our actions impact us and those around us. When grounded and present in the moment, we are better able to offer intentional and conscious kindness towards others by seeing what is needed. We also get the opportunity to notice how that act brings us a little of that same joyful feeling. 

We invite you to join us this month for our 28 Days of Kindness Challenge - February is Random Acts of Kindness month, and the 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Can you do something kind every day this month? Take a look at the prompts on our calendar or create your own, and think about what it would look like if our world was a little kinder. 

30-Day Kindness Challenge Calendar

30-Day Kindness Calendar (Blank)