You can help us build resilience in Rhode Island today and make that vision a reality…

Imagine a Future in Which...

Our state is known for its dedicated teachers who are energized and inspired to kindle that spark in each and every child, our future leaders.

Rhode Island proudly graduates students who are able to reach their full potential academically and as young leaders, and graduate from high school ready for college, career and civic life.

Our businesses, neighborhoods, schools and families all benefit from having generations of citizens who have received the benefits of mindfulness – compassion, concentration, productivity, self-control and reflection – as part of their education.

Support a Classroom

“It has taught me the importance of being aware of myself, and helped me share this on a daily basis with my class.” ~ Warwick Teacher

$3,800 enables one classroom to receive instruction 2x/week for the full school year.

Support a Student

“I learned to believe in myself.” ~ Providence 3rd Grader

$140 covers the cost of one student to learn life long skills for the full school year.