Introducing Center for Resilience

Welcome to Center for Resilience, a nonprofit dedicated to introducing and strengthening mindfulness practice in diverse settings – classroom, community and workplace. Our approach helps students become ready to learn and thrive in school, and empowers people of all ages to manage stress, cultivate compassion and expand their capacity for reflection, purpose and balance.

Center for Resilience believes that it is not enough to help children become more mindful, as the team of ResilientKids has been doing so successfully for the past five years. The full benefit of mindfulness is achieved when parents, community members and businesses also harness the power of nurturing a more mindful approach to life.

Working together, we can maximize our interconnectedness as students and teachers; parents and civically engaged adults; employees and employers, to promote well-being at every stage of life. The benefits of mindfulness include the reduction of toxic stress; management of emotions and behavior; enhanced mental and physical health; and deeper empathy and understanding of ourselves and others. There are a number of articles to this effect on our About Mindfulness page.

Helping to center people of all ages so that they are more empowered, resilient and self-aware is what Center for Resilience is all about in the classroom, community, and workplace. Our vision is reflected in our new name and logo. Our tendency is to put a “the” before the word ‘Center’ though we offer it in this context as a verb, and a reminder that centering does build resilience. The logo, at first glance, seems to be simply a series of arcs or half circles. When you pause and take a second look though, you may see how each arc forms part of a larger whole, supporting the next and reinforcing our belief that mindfulness in the classroom, the community and the workplace will make all of us stronger and empower us to achieve our individual and collective goals.

We are excited to expand our offerings and to work with children and adults of all ages, in Rhode Island and beyond. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and please contact us for more information about how we can best serve you.