Introducing Everyday Resilience

The annual fundraiser, this year titled #WeAreResilient, was a huge success! Over dinner on Oct. 27, we heard from three brave and articulate students, as well as Sophia Academy’s Head of School, Gigi DiBello, about their experience finding their center amidst adversity. They described how invaluable this life skill is for managing stress, overcoming challenges, and building compassion and empathy. 

Then the most amazing thing happened. After Gigi and the students had the courage to open up about their stories, many folks in the room had their own stories to share. Attendees began to connect with each other around the knowledge that they were not alone. This spontaneous sharing of stories helped us realize that the #WeAreResilient movement had taken hold, and that the palpable sense of community built around vulnerability and sharing deserves a place and space. With these stories of everyday resilience, we hope to share various ways that people in our community find their center, and to offer a knowing nod and virtual hug to others who have experienced the empowerment of resilience. 

We intend to share two stories each month on our website:

  • If you have a story to share, please be in touch by email
  • If you like a story we’ve shared, please post a comment below. 
  • If you know someone who could benefit from a little inspiration, please share the link to the post. 

While virtual communities are increasingly the norm, we still believe there is no substitute for the value of face-to-face contact. With this in mind, we will be offering a monthly, theme-based practice opportunity from January through June called Mission:Mindfulness. Please join us to experience various mindfulness practices, meaningful community, safe & supportive space, and expert facilitators to guide practice as well as Q&A. Learn more and register here.

Here’s to our collective return to center in the New Year. Wishing you many mindful moments in 2018.