ResilientKids Curriculum

Through our mindfulness-based, social and emotional learning curriculum that is aligned with Common Core State Standards, students learn these valuable skills from the inside out.

Our Goal

By developing strategies to manage academic, emotional and social challenges, the ResilientKids Curriculum helps students to successfully navigate their path to becoming engaged adults, global citizens and community leaders.

Our Approach

We offer an innovative mindfulness program that is seamlessly integrated into the school day to build self-regulation, stress management, perseverance, and empathy – the foundations to academic achievement, college & career readiness, and life-long success.

The Evidence

Research clearly shows that mindfulness helps to reduce toxic stress, enhance concentration and grit, and develop self-regulation and compassion. These assets help students self-regulate their emotions and become ready to learn.

Our Results:

Rhode Island schools that have implemented the ResilientKids Curriculum are yielding tremendous results. Administrators, teachers and students report:
drop in stress among students at Central Falls High School
reduction in behavioral referrals at Silver Spring Elementary in East Providence
decrease in school violence at Carl Lauro Elementary School in Providence
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