What’s Mindfulness Got to Do With Athletics? 

You may know that edge-of-your-seat moment of the big game when a player misses the free-throw shot, the clear path to the goal, or the easy hole-in-one… Or maybe you can relate to that practice where a player isn’t 100% there, and brings that with them to the game the next day… Whatever happened in that moment, what do we learn from it, how do we recover from it, and how do we possibly prevent it in the future? These questions lie at the intersection of mindfulness and athletics.   

Mindfulness can help athletes on multiple fronts: in preparing for a performance/game, during the actual performance, reflecting for continuous improvement, and dealing with the long-term physical stress from constant training and competition.

University of Southern California conducted research on innovative training methods which found positive outcomes when incorporating mindfulness. And last year the New York Times published an article called, “To Train An Athlete, Add 12 Minutes of Meditation to the Daily Mix,” which showed that Division I football players were better able to withstand the mental demands of physical training when incorporating mindfulness to their training routine. In another study, university athletes showed significant increases athletic performance and flow, the mental state associated with being “in the zone,” and a decrease in sport-related anxiety.

We’ve all heard about the importance of mental preparation for athletic performance – some even say it is 90% of the game, yet we spend a majority of our time preparing physically. Ready to learn more about how and why to incorporate mindfulness into your training routine? Join us to hear from expert, Dr. Amy Saltzman on Monday October 29th at Moses Brown School in Providence.  Learn more