CFR in the Community

Developing a mindfulness practice can be as unique as you are. Center for Resilience specializes in developing accessible ways to learn and maintain both formal and informal practices. After completing one of our 8-week programs, you’ll find practices that resonate with you, and know how to maintain your new mindfulness practice for the long-term.


There are many applications for integrating this work into the community:

  • parents looking for balance and self-care

  • veterans dealing with PTSD

  • patients looking to take charge of your wellbeing

  • physicians needing to reduce burnout

  • therapists looking to practice with clients

Which Program is Right for You?

Training Intensive

Take a deeper dive in this intensive exploration of a customized approach to personal wellness. Through in-person facilitation and a mobile app for extra support, you’ll develop your own personal practice, learn how to maintain it every day, and share it with others in your community.
Great for teachers, social workers, counselors, parents, business leaders, and anyone looking to find more accessible approaches to mindfulness. Applications for the 2020 Winter Training Intensive are now being accepted.  Click here to learn more and apply!

Personal Practice Development

Build a self-care practice that works for you, understand how to break your patterns of stress, and leave feeling better with a concrete plan for maintaining your practice. These monthly sessions are community-based and will begin again in 2020. Be sure to follow us on social media for additional details, or contact us!


“It has really allowed me to learn to pause in stressful situations to be able to evaluate with a clear mind. All my relationships personal & professional have benefited from practicing mindfulness.”
~ John R.
“Certainly I’ve never felt better able to deal with life’s ups and downs easier, and I don’t let things drive my stress level.”
– Diane S.

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