CFR in the Workplace

Center for Resilience offers mindfulness-based employee wellness, leadership and talent development workshops, virtually or in person, to facilitate positive outcomes at the office.

Why Mindfulness?

Why CFR?

We know that you and your teams are tight on time, so we focus on personalized ways to make your mindfulness practice work for you at work and beyond. Center for Resilience specializes in developing accessible ways to learn and maintain both formal and informal mindfulness practice. After completing one of our 8-week programs, you and your team will find personal practices that resonate, be able to incorporate them into your daily life, and know how to maintain this new habit for the long-term.

Lunch & Learn Information Session

Great for any type of group or worksite curious about how and why to integrate mindfulness. Learn the science, hear how others are integrating regular practice, and even try a few mindfulness practices. Reach out today to schedule an introductory session for your office.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Get a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness, it’s benefits, and how it works through multiple practice opportunities. Great for motivated small to mid-size companies looking to integrate accessible mindfulness strategies to support talent development in a cost-effective way.

Mindfulness Essentials 1.0 & 2.0

Build a practice of self-care that works for you, understand how to break your patterns of stress, hone your emotional intelligence, and leave feeling better with a concrete plan for maintaining your practice. Through these 8- or 10-week courses, your staff will have access to accessible practices that stick.

C-Suite Leadership Development

Leadership requires focus, clarity, creativity, compassion & courage, not to mention good health. Strengthened through a regular mindfulness practice, leaders can improve the ability be less reactive and more responsive, regulate emotions, empathize, and see situations from multiple perspectives.

Clients Include:


“I think this improves our ability to be productive and focused at work. There’s also obvious health benefits. This was a very nice way for the company to enhance our skill sets and care for its employees.”
~ Ted R.
“The course was so helpful for both stress at work and within my personal life. I was so impressed that in just an hour I could feel so much comfort.  I have recommended it to my entire team.”
~ Ann P.

We would be delighted to customize a program for your office today. Contact us to get the conversation started.